World Rugby Rankings: Up-to-date International Rugby Standings

In the fast-paced, excessive-impact international of international rugby, scores are constantly transferring as groups compete fiercely for the pinnacle spot. The World Rugby Rankings offer lovers a scientific way to track their favourite teams’ performances. This article gives a top level view of the maximum updated worldwide rugby standings, shedding light at the groups which can be presently dominating the scene.

Understanding the Rankings System

Calculation Method

World Rugby Rankings are determined based totally at the performances of groups in international fits. Teams earn factors based on severa elements, such as the healthful give up end result, margin of victory, and the relative electricity in their opponent. The rankings are updated weekly, supplying a dynamic and modern-day mirrored image of the international rugby panorama.


Teams are ranked in numerous training, which includes guys’s, ladies’s, and below-20 squads, supplying fanatics with a complete view of the rugby global. Each magnificence has its very own precise set of teams fighting for dominance, contributing to the colourful and numerous rugby surroundings.

Current Standings: Men’s Rugby

The Men’s Rugby Rankings spotlight the top international teams in the male category. Below is a glimpse of the current standings, which are subject to change due to ongoing matches and tournaments.

Rank Team Points
1 New Zealand 94.20
2 South Africa 88.83
3 England 86.79
4 Australia 85.59
5 Ireland 84.05


New Zealand

The New Zealand group, regularly called the All Blacks, consistently holds a top role. With their exceptional abilities, teamwork, and prevailing history in major tournaments, they have got garnered a huge worldwide following.

South Africa

The Springboks from South Africa are any other formidable group, famend for their physicality and tactical acumen. Their 2d location is well-earned, reflecting their willpower and prowess on the sector.


England’s rugby group is a pressure to be reckoned with, keeping the 0.33 spot in the scores. With a wealthy records and deep talent pool, they’re continuously contenders for the pinnacle spot.

Current Standings: Women’s Rugby

In the Women’s Rugby Rankings, we observe a different set of teams vying for the top positions. The table below offers a snapshot of the current rankings.

Rank Team Points
1 New Zealand 92.08
2 England 89.74
3 Canada 86.52
4 France 85.97
5 Australia 81.90


New Zealand

Much like their male opposite numbers, the New Zealand ladies’s rugby group is a powerhouse, securing the primary spot with their exceptional abilities and teamwork.


The English girls’s team is a chief participant inside the rugby international, with a 2d-area rating reflecting their skill, approach, and regular overall performance.


Canada’s ladies’s rugby group has climbed the ranks to stable the 1/3 spot, thanks to their athletic prowess and strategic gameplay.

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